Bascombo Eden/Nemesis NC-410

The powerhouse combination of four Eden/Nemesis 10” speakers and one T2004 Wide Range Titanium diaphragm tweeter produce the biggest sound of the Nemesis combos. The four 10" speakers give a full, low end with plenty of sparkle and snap in the high end. The choice for many professionals.
Swithcable automatic compression, 3-way semi-parametric tone control, effects loop, DI out switchable pre/post with ground lift, headphone out, tuner out, thermostatically controlled fan. The extension speaker jack is wired in series, allowing most models to deliver their maximum power to the internal speakers and allowing users to safely add almost any extension cabinet. Specifications:
Power 320 Watts RMS at 4 ohms
Power Handling 400W RMS
Frequency Response
48Hz - 18Khz ±2dB
Sensitivity 104dB SPL@1W1M
Weight 62 LBS


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